Hello World!

We are pleased to come into the 21st Century with the start of the official Wendy Slaughter Team Real Estate Blog!  We’ve waited for this day to come and are pleased to bring you insider tips for what’s happening around Maryland, information on Maryland’s real estate market, real estate stats for individual counties in Maryland, tips from our interior designer (Julie Moore of M Interiors – you can find her on Facebook), and great advice from The Wendy Slaughter Team.

Who is The Wendy Slaughter Team?

The Wendy Slaughter Team consists of 6 agents (Wendy Slaughter, Debbie Gottwals, Beth Viscarra, Debbie Pavlik, Bonnie Herriott and Dalia Bracy) and our licensed Team Manager, Tess Oby. We LOVE our jobs and we go above and beyond to serve the needs of our clients. With that being said, we hope that you will find our blog useful – feel free to email us your real estate related questions!