Divorce and real estate: first steps


This blog is the first in a series of 3 focused on Divorce and Real Estate

Going through a divorce is one of the toughest life experiences to navigate. During that time, it’s important to lean on your “village” for support. You’ll be entering into new territory and relying on people you may have never met including mediators, lawyers, financial planners, CPAs, family therapists and realtors.

Relying on friends and family to refer you to various professionals in the community is the best way to find trustworthy advocates and advisors. Our best advice: seek strong support from people you trust. Gathering information can reduce stress.

Real estate is usually one of the more important pieces in a divorce. Making decisions about real estate can be very difficult. In addition to the financial impact, the emotional impact is high and a move can be exhausting. Your separation agreement will dictate what will happen with your marital home. Be sure it includes language about the decision making process for hiring a Realtor.

When it comes to real estate, your first step should be to reach out to an experienced agent. Consulting with a realtor is free and you can tap into our knowledge about market conditions, the value of your home, and strategies for increasing the value. We can also help you by referring contractors for painting, flooring, and anything else you need as you prepare to sell.

Our Team has helped many families work through the real estate side of the divorce process and we are sensitive to the needs of the families. It’s never easy but we understand the unique nature of the process and help you get to the settlement table, providing support and reducing stress for all parties involved. 

The National Family Resiliency Center provides support for families going through divorce. They are doing important work for adults and children and we’re proud to be sponsoring their 5K, coming up on September 19th at the Lakefront. It’s going to be a great day, filled with good energy and celebration. Come see Tree House School of Music, Mike John, Drama Learning Center, B.Funk Dance Studio and more perform on the stage!

More info: http://nfrchelp.org/index.php/project/5k-for-families/
Register to run: http://www.active.com/columbia-md/running/distance-running-races/5k-for-families-2015?int
To sponsor the 5K or make a donation: http://nfrchelp.org/index.php/event-sponsors/

If you, a friend or a family member needs a free real estate consult, shoot Wendy an email at Wendy@thewendyslaughterteam.com.

Conscious Capitalism Central Maryland Chapter Lift Off!

Conscious Capitalism MD Chapter

The Central Maryland Chapter of Conscious Capitalism officially lifted off earlier this week. The room was packed with good people. We gathered at the newly remodeled (and gorgeous!) Coho Grill.

[Important side note: The Coho Grill has a great beer selection including options from Heavy Seas, Evolution, Flying Dog and Jailbreak.]

The Conscious Capitalism movement is not new. Businesses have proven that when you act from your heart, profits are a natural consequence. Costco, Whole Foods, The Container Store and Apple are a just a few of the companies that have put people before profits.

I was asked to speak at the event and talk about how we’re putting some of the Conscious Capitalism concepts into practice.

My Team has been “unconsciously conscious” since we first formed back in 2009. We are realtors but we believe that “what" we do is less important than "how and why" we do our work. Our Team culture has created a foundation for everything that we have been able to accomplish over the past few years. Our culture affects how we engage with our stakeholders: our clients, our vendors, our realtor colleagues and the community. 

The “how and why” both add meaning to our work and it changes the experience for everyone.

For more information about Conscious Capitalism, check out these resources:

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/cccentralmaryland?fref=ts

Book:            Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia

Website:       http://www.consciouscapitalism.org

- Wendy 

Why do we have a pumpkin carving contest?



As I sat at my dining room table carving pumpkins with my family, I realized that having a pumpkin carving contest is a great way to foster connections within our family and our community.

For so many of us, screens are a constant presence. We’re on them all day: the computer, the phones, the ipads. The kids watch TV or playing video games. We half listen to each other as our phones ping letting us know that a new email came in or someone commented on our photo on Facebook.

Sitting around the table together with knives and gourds might sound like a strange way to connect yet, it was a fabulous experience. We exchanged suggestions for how to best carve a little mustache or how to make my peace sign glow brighter. I was even happy when the kids fought over a carving instrument because it resulted in a negotiated agreement and two semi-satisfied kids.

As a team, it was so fun to watch the entries roll in from our clients, friends and family. Some were created with Aunts and Uncles, others with siblings, some from adults and others from little kids (you can see our entries here). One of our favorites is above: The “Jane” O’Lantern! We also had a great time judging them in the office.

In my family, we are very aware of our screen time and do a lot to limit it in our house (I’m sure many of you would still say we have way too much of it but we’re really trying!). I’ve read the research and talked to enough of the “experts” to know the issues that too much screen time can cause. But even with great awareness, I know we can do better. The pumpkins remind me that simple things are so important and our connections to the people we love are strengthened through attention. Real attention.

The irony of it all? Our pumpkin carving contest is held on Facebook!

- Wendy