Singing in the Shower!

The fan in my bathroom stopped working. When I went to Lowes to check out options, I saw a bluetooth speaker/fan combination that looked super cool and it didn’t cost more than the other fans.

We all love music in my family. My kids play instruments and they’re in a band. My husband plays drums. My son plays drums and guitar. My daughter plays bass and guitar and she sings. This summer, my kids are working as “interns” at Treehouse School of Music and they are helping them run their summer camps (great camps BTW).

Music plays constantly in our house. We have different tastes but we like hearing each other’s playlists to mix things up a little. 

So this is where I didn’t think things through. 

Everyone uses my bathroom now. Everyone. All 4 of them. All the time. 

My advice: If you decide to buy this fan, you might want to pick up more than one.

Here is link to the fan if you want to check it out:

- Wendy