The Simple Explanation of Energy Deregulation

In July of 2000, lawmakers in Maryland changed regulation and gave consumers the freedom to choose their own energy supplier. Typically these suppliers were able to offer natural gas and electric at lower rates than the local utility company. Customers who do not shop for supply of electric from an alternate electric provider in Maryland receive Standard Offer Service from their utility company and prices change every six months.

It may be more beneficial to take advantage of competitive prices from other energy providers because electric prices are affected by the wholesale market. Natural gas prices vary monthly. The monthly fluctuations mean that customers can be exposed to volatile swings in prices. Customers can avoid these swings in gas supply charge by contracting with an alternative gas supplier. The utility company still plays a vital role in the process as they ensure that your energy is safely delivered to your home or business, track your usage, maintain the infrastructure and send you your bill. The only difference being that if you choose a separate supplier, there will be a line item with your natural gas and electricity supplier.

The bottom line is, it’s all about saving money where we can, when we can!

- Beth Viscarra