February Stats Blog - Average Days on Market

If you keep up with us on Facebook, you know that this week is Stats Week! Each day we post the statistics for different counties in the state of Maryland. Seeing as this is not our Facebook page, we thought we'd share some interesting stats for Howard County for 2011.

Here are the average days on market in Howard County for the past five years. For all five years, properties that were listed during the spring market tended to sell faster than properties listed during other times of the year.  Notice how the trend is similar for each of the past five years.


A little too confusing? Here's the average days on market for properties that have sold in Howard County for the past 2 years:


So, you'll notice that properties that sold in January were on the market for around 100 days - meaning that they were listed around the month of October. Properties that sold in July were on the market for about 70 days, so they were listed around May.

What’s the point you ask?

We wanted to show you facts to support what most people already know: selling your home during the Spring market will likely result in a faster sale.