Yes you do need a realtor when you’re building a house!

It’s easy to buy a new house, right? You drive to a model, chat with the sales rep and write up a contract. A few months later, your new house is ready! So simple!

The truth is that the new construction process is very complicated. There are a ton of moving parts and it’s super important to be sure you’re making decisions that maximize your housing investment.

You can (and should!) hire a realtor to help you when you build a new home. Let me tell you why…

You need representation
The sales person represents the builder. Good sales reps know their product inside and out and they can be a fabulous resource – but they do not represent your interests.

Financing can be complicated
When it comes to financing, you need to know if the builder requires a “construction perm” or a standard (conventional) loan. Construction loans are more complicated and require a specially trained lender. I know many of these lenders and can offer some thoughts about how to interview a loan officer.

Getting the “biggest bang out of your buck”
My role also includes negotiating with the builder on your behalf. Every builder is different. Some prefer you negotiate on selections and others on closing help. Some won’t budge on decks but will throw in an upgraded lighting package. Identifying thresholds helps me to position your offer so that it is accepted by the builder.

Reducing stress while maximizing your housing investment
The selections process can be overwhelming. This is why I hire a professional designer to join us for your selections meeting. Julie Moreland of M Interiors helps you choose everything from cabinets and counters to hardware and flooring. You’ll feel confident that you’re making choices you love, while at the same time, choosing finishes that will help you maintain the value in your home. In addition, we also offer guidance regarding floor plan changes, elevations and lot selection.

Managing the process
You have a busy life. Let us handle the details. We’ll help you sell your current home - and time the delivery date of your new construction home with the sale of your current home.

The cost to you? Zero.
The best part? The builder pays the realtor fees. Going to the builder without a realtor does not save you money. Those funds come from a different bucket. So at no cost to you, you can have an experienced professional offering excellent advice during what is normally the largest investment you will make in your life.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on your new home, be sure to consult with us first. We know the builders, their products and the process. Our job is to help you spend your money wisely.