Our growth has been organic and a little unconventional….

our business philosophy + our custom systems + our team culture = our special sauce

Thank you so much. I am not joking when I tell you it is your system that is the reason why I am so good. I have never lost a listing when I present. You put together the power point. You put together the team and the marketing. You are the reason why I am successful and I never ever would have or could have made this leap if I wasn’t going to be on your team
— Dalia Bracy

We believe:

We are good for our clients and our industry.

There is plenty of business for all of us.

Having fun makes life richer (check out our Facebook page).

Life is not a zero sum game: win-win is the way we live.


Check out the Team’s Core Values:


We’re a little counter culture


Laughing makes life better


Be the real you and the world is better


We get better through self exploration and constant, life-long learning,
about our industry and ourselves


We are good for our clients, our teammates, our community and our industry


We are grateful that the work we do allows us to give back


We build wealth, not just as a “means to an end” but a “means to many good ends”


Sharing information with teammates and working together makes us better


We are thankful for each other, thankful for our clients, thankful for our vendors….all of it

Reach out to Wendy via email at: wendy@thewendyslaughterteam.com
or give her a call at 410-440-5914
for a private consultation.