What is the goal of the stager?

We want to transform your home from living condition to showing condition.

It’s important that your home photographs well for the online marketing tools (advertising and virtual tour). In addition, we want the home to show well to prospective buyers.

How long does it take?

The stager will work in your home for 2 hours. Once she is finished, the stager may provide a “to do” list with any remaining staging tasks to be completed by you prior to officially putting the house on the market.

Preparing for the stager

In order for the stager to be able to get right to work and do a great job on the house, she needs a blank canvas. Preparing for the stager does take some work on your part but it’s well worth it! Here is a short checklist:

Clean the home very well. Pretend you’re having a party and you want to show off the best assets of your home.

Remove “clutter” from closets, corners and tables.

Clean out closets and remove items to make them appear larger. A good rule of thumb: if you will not use it within the next 3 months, pack it away and store it neatly in a garage or storage room.

Hide all papers! Put them in a basket and tuck them away in a cabinet or closet.

Now that the inside is ready, don’t forget to do the same all around the outside of your home.

What happens next?

After the home is staged, it’s time for the photo shoot. These pictures will be used on many websites and will also be used to develop the virtual tour. Once the house is officially on the market, it’s important to keep the house in showing condition.

Keep an open mind

Be open-minded about the transformation. It can feel strange to have people in your home, moving your personal items. Often, this experience can be the first step in changing the way you think about your house: from your personal home to a profitable real estate investment.

The Bottom Line

Staging can be fun - but that’s not why we do it. Cleaning the house, staging it and keeping it in showing condition will maximize the return you receive on your real estate investment.